Friday, 26 October 2012

Cyanide Kiss Halloween!!

Cyanide Kiss Halloween!!

Oo, so it's nearly Halloween, I've been busy creating some custom orders in spooky fabrics, with the best fabrics coming out at Halloween, I've stocked up on a few! If you're interested in having a dress custom made in the graveyard fabric (below) or Skeleton hands fabric get in touch! I make in pretty much most sizes and the dresses are custom made to your measurements!

Custom dress for hallowen-Graveyard print!

(Shown with petticoat)

I have this fabric in if anyone would like a dress made from it, get in touch !!

Mel's Halloween dress:

 Without petticoat
 With petticoat

Fabric close up!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blondie's Twisted Tea Room adventures

Cyanide Kiss collaborated with the fantastic Danniella Jaine on her recent photoshoot.
Taking place in the gorgeous setting of Blondies Twisted Tea Room's in sunny Stoke-On-Trent.
Danniella used the stunning backdrop to showcase Cyanide Kiss dresses alongside Roxie Sweetheart
jewellery, a brand that we've collaborated with a few times now on photoshoots! 
Her gorgeously sweet jewellery just sits so well with our dresses! 
Modelling for Danniella's shoot were Victoria Thomas (pink-haired lady!) and Tini Von Doom (red hair). The full shoot can be found over at our facebook page and all dresses can be found in our Etsy shop! And make sure you stop by the photographer, models and Roxie Sweetheart's page to check out more of their work!


Photographer-Dannielle-Jaine Photography
Modesl: Tini Von Doom + Victoria Thoma
Make Up: Victoria 'Bean' Thomas
Dresses: Cyanide Kiss 
Jewellery/Accessories: Roxie Sweetheart