Friday, 17 February 2012

Beta Fashion scarf design competition-Power Pastels

Well it's been a while since my last post! But here's a little something I've been working on recently.
Anyone that knows me, will probably know of my love for Betafashion . It's a print design website which invites amateur and professional print or textile designers to upload their work to be entered into competitions.
Their current competition was right up my street, and asked entrants to submit a scarf design based on the idea of 'Power Pastels'. You can probably guess from my previous posts that I'm loving the Spring/Summer 2012 trend on the catwalks for pastels, mints, baby blue, lilacs and dolly pinks.. So very pretty...Now if only I weren't a redhead and they were a little easier to find shades to wear ;-) Anyway, I digress. So here was the competition brief and a little information about my entry!! Enjoy and why not stop by my entry here and leave a comment and vote! And make sure you take time to check out the other fantastic entries for this contest!

You don't have to look very far right now to see that one of the major trends for S/S12 is the wonderful world of pastels. Candy Floss and Ice Cream are just some of the words bouncing around every fashion magazine and blog and already the stores are full of outfits befitting of such descriptions. The challenge for this project therefore is to either create scarf designs in shades of pastels, or designs that will perfectly compliment a pastel outfit. The topic of your designs is entirely up to you.
4 winners will be selected for use on our range of Silk and Wool scarves. Winners will receive £300 and see their designs produced and sold in our online store, Topshop and more.

My entry- 'Ysmite Argate'.

My entry was inspired by minerals and the beautiful colours that they produce when cut into slices. Naturallly, they don't often come in the pastel colours which the competition asks for, so of course I made them fit with the brief by adding my own colouring. I used Photoshop for this design (quite heavily!!) by layering up and colouring mineral slices. I used a lot of different filters to create the effect that you can see where the mineral slices blend into one another to create something that is quite unrecognisable as an end result. I also layered up 3 key colours- pastel pink, mint and yellow to bring through the pastel theme even more strongly, whilst introducing some other more vibrant colours to keep the design from been too saccharine and sickly sweet.

A bit of detail below:

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