Sunday, 23 September 2012

Galaxy purses !

Cosmic joy.

I've been meaning to try this for a while, and had the frames ready, but after making the Galaxy dress a while back for Beki, I had some bits of fabric left after cutting out the pattern, and thought these would make great purses! Really happy with the result, the print is captured so well in this format!
So, I made some nebula print purses ! The pictures below are the same purse, back and front views. Something I love about this fabric is the colours. The reds and blues and purples all swirling together to create this lovely print! It could be a great purse, or maybe a glasses case, pencil case!
The purse is for sale on my Etsy page here !

Here's a little snap of the inside with Cyanide Kiss label:

Whilst I was making the Galaxy purse, I also made a handbag and a mini purse from the extra fabric for a friend's birthday, much different to my usual style as it wasn't for Cyanide Kiss, but a present, but I think it will be her cup of tea!

Jo's mini purse:
The bag:

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